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Although in order to find a reasonable rate of labor, he conducts long-term studies , defining the ” endurance of man as an animal ,” the new norm in 47.5 t does not seem justified. No strict timing , nor the study of all movements movers , no thorough analysis of their movements, nor the shape and weight of the cast iron discs , or any other objective measures have not helped Taylor reasonably determine the rate of labor loader. Even in such a simple form of labor , as the transfer of blanks , analysis and measurement of the objective characteristics of the labor was not sufficient to determine the individual performance standards . Faith in the omnipotence of science, Taylor seems to perceive these difficulties as temporary , that will last for as long as they have developed more sophisticated methods. However, even the most sophisticated methods do not allow you to define rules based only on engineering and technical conditions.

Labour rates depend not only on the organizational and technical aspects of work, but also related to the psychological , behavioral and economic factors. Faced with difficulties in defining labor standards on the basis of scientific analysis , management actually has to set standards such as the work of the best samples of employees of the organization . In essence, the new rule 47.5 t was not the result of a scientific analysis of employment, productivity and empirically determined the best movers . The same rule was used by Taylor as a criterion for selection , ” first-class ” workers and culling ” refusing or unable ” (Figure 4.7). Fig. 4.7. The scheme of the actual activity of the manager in accordance with the ideas and principles of scientific management

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