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At the same time, the power of...

For the subject of the influence of low self-esteem is very important to realize that everything is done precisely and only because of him , and therefore the power of violence for it would seem preferable. The same can be said about the subjects of power, lack of confidence in their abilities. They also tend to abuse the power of violence. Sometimes the base of power are determined by the requirements of the role-playing or social norms that influence the subjects considered as the most appropriate Full Read

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The development of capitalism...Now, in the administration of virtually all of their individual needs has become totally dependent on the outside world. Housing , food , clothing, transportation, education , work, recreation , or any other aspect of daily life depend on the work and efforts of many other people. And according to these invisible webs entangle each , greatly reducing the degree of freedom in the social space Full Read

Overestimate this...Now the worker was taken out of a control group, and fell under the direct control of the manager. Now he had to be guided not by the average rate of the group work, and on his own, ” tied ” to the rate of labor ‘s most productive workers. Task system is not only individualize the work of every employee , but also caused him to relate their performance with the results of the best people in the organization . Now, each individual is in a state of constant comparison with others Full Read

But the notion that in the...Modern personality – largely the product of the individual consciousness in the last century , and the dynamics of this development are inextricably linked , and due to the emergence and formation of the principles of the modern organization. Only in the context of the development of the organization and the organizational power can understand why and how formed the main ” building blocks ” of the modern Full Read

The level of development of...

But life had other plans : improving the scientific methodology of the study work does not rule out the use of samples of the best workers as labor standards in the organization. Industrialization and the widespread adoption of the ideas of scientific management gave a powerful impetus to the development of both directions : the scientific study of work, and the study of the individual characteristics that Full Read

The fact that Taylor instead...However , the empirical finding Taylor served as the first step in the formation of a new principle of institutional relations , which has become today a basic principle of organizational design . According to this principle , the central actor in the organization becomes a kind of ideal , the best worker, far surpassing all others in their professional Full Read

Already in the above field...

Although in order to find a reasonable rate of labor, he conducts long-term studies , defining the ” endurance of man as an animal ,” the new norm in 47.5 t does not seem justified. No strict timing , nor the study of all movements movers , no thorough analysis of their movements, nor the shape and weight of the cast iron discs , or any other objective measures have not helped Taylor reasonably determine the rate of labor loader. Even in such a simple form of labor , as the transfer Full Read

The new standard of work that...Now the owner ( and subsequently – the manager) is not satisfied in cash manpower , and sought to pick up only those workers who are able to perform a lesson. Therefore, an important role in the organization becomes a professional selection . Professional selection , according to Taylor , must also be made ” on the basis of established Full Read

Greatly complicated scheme for...4 . 6. Fig. 4 . 6. Scheme for determining the rate of work in accordance with the ideas and principles of scientific management The main object of the control is not a group of workers as before, and the individual worker , the individual . Individualization of management is most pronounced in the central element of the modern organization – the idea of ??” lesson “, ie science-based Full Read

- This is quite capable person who is costly- … And I’ll get the same every day? – Of course . – Well, then , I ‘m expensive . – … Wait. You know perfectly well … that a person who is expensive , can do exactly what he’s told from morning till night. Have you seen the man out here someday? – No … I do not see. – … If you are really expensive stand , then tomorrow you will do exactly that. You will Full Read

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